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This toolkit offers practical guidance on how to implement gender-responsive practices in marine conservation, fisheries, maritime transportation and tourism, in order to empower women and gender minorities and unlock the full potential of sustainable blue economies. Based on research and stakeholder consultations, and designed to provide clear guidance on meaningfully integrating gender perspectives into ocean policies and practices through practical guidance and best practices, the toolkit should serve as a valuable resource for it is an invaluable resource for policymakers, organisations and individuals dedicated to advancing gender equity in ocean sectors.
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This report presents policy recommendations for how Kenya can further enhance investment in the country by its growing and diverse diaspora. Presenting a thorough review of the Kenyan and global evidence, and informed by extensive stakeholder consultations, it proposes policy recommendations for addressing the challenges to greater investment by – and raising awareness and engagement among – the Kenyan diaspora that could deliver substantial contributions to national development. 
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As an island nation, Antigua and Barbuda is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and, despite recent classification as a middle-income country, pockets of poverty heighten this risk for some parts of society. Recognising this challenge, the Sustainable Island Resource Framework (SIRF) Fund was established in 2019 as a financial vehicle to deliver climate and environment-related projects and programmes both domestically and across the Eastern Caribbean.
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In the first weeks of February trade advisers, Kim Kampel and Tanvi Sinha from the Commonwealth Small States Office (CSSO), based in Geneva, concluded two hybrid workshops to support Commonwealth Small States with their technical preparations for the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) upcoming 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13), which takes place in Abu Dhabi from 26 to 29 February 2024.
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The Commonwealth Secretary-General, the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, will attend the second annual Africa Prosperity Dialogue (APD 2024) in Ghana from 25-27 January 2024. She will join heads of Government from Africa and the Caribbean, other political leaders, senior policymakers, technocrats, civil society representatives, academics and business executives for discussions aimed at accelerating and improving trade between African nations.
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The world’s least developed countries (LDCs) face unique and complex structural constraints that hinder their economic development and transformation. High levels of dependence on primary commodities, underdeveloped productive capacity and low productivity levels, chronic shortages of human capital, weak digital and technological capabilities, underdeveloped private sectors and major infrastructure deficits all combine to undermine their socio-economic prospects, hampering their progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and leaving them highly vulnerable to economic and environmental shocks.

As a result, most LDCs continue to be marginalised in the global economy and in international trade, with the latter reflected in very low shares of global trade in goods and services. They also face daunting socio-economic challenges, particularly in relation to education and health. Poverty levels have been slow to decline and remain alarmingly high in many LDCs.
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Last week, trade officials from across Africa gathered for the Commonwealth African Regional Preparatory Workshop for the WTO’s 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13). The two-day workshop, held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 15-16 November 2023, addressed key trade challenges facing African countries, including agriculture, fisheries subsidies, WTO reform, and regional trade.
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Kenya Innovation Week 2023 - Commonwealth Edition, which will be held in Nairobi from 27 November to 1 December 2023, will this year include Commonwealth Leaders, government officials, business and academic representatives, as well as a delegation from the Commonwealth Secretariat, led by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth the Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC.
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The Intra Commonwealth Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ICSA), established in 2016 to facilitate sustainable platforms for exporters and importers, helped to promote trade opportunities between Commonwealth countries at the second annual Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 (CIF) held in Nassau, The Bahamas, from October 23 to 25, 2023. This collaborative effort between the Caribbean Export Development Agency, the European Union and the Government of the Bahamas, as host country, provided a unique opportunity for SMEs to connect with potential investors, gain insights into emerging markets, and exchange innovative business strategies.
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