The Digital Connectivity Cluster is focused on supporting inclusive digital transformation across the Commonwealth.

  • Digital Economy – The Digital Connectivity Cluster is highlighting the role of Commonwealth governments in digital transformation, specifically on enabling the digital economy and digital value chains to facilitate trade.
  • Digital Trade – The Cluster is working to enhance digital connectivity across the Commonwealth, provide an enabling environment for digital trade and support capacity-constrained members to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital trade. It is also exploring how digital trade can promote inclusive growth in the Commonwealth.
  • Digital Industrial Policy – The Digital Connectivity Cluster is sharing experience and expertise to enhance understanding and capacity in digital industrial policy by developing the evidence base on policies that enable digital skills development, digital trade and digital industrial development across the Commonwealth.

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Quick facts


Business-to-consumer e-commerce sales accounted for approximately 3.5 per cent of total GDP across the entire Commonwealth in 2015.


Internet users

Across the Commonwealth, for every 100 people, there were, on average, 43 internet users, 10 fixed broadband subscriptions and 37 active mobile subscriptions in 2016.


Manufacturing labour productivity

Econometric estimates suggest a doubling of the internet penetration rate, a proxy for digitalisation, would lead to a 5.3 per cent increase in manufacturing labour productivity, ceteris paribus, in Commonwealth countries.