Leaders committed themselves to the vision of increasing intra-Commonwealth trade to US$2 Trillion by 2030, and expanding intra-Commonwealth investment. This is to be achieved through the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment.

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda is a platform for countries to exchange best practices and experiences to trade and investment and undertake domestic reform. This cross-fertilization will contribute to further reducing trade frictions among members.

Connectivity Grants Program

The Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda’s Cross-Regional Connectivity Grants Program supports Commonwealth member states in undertaking cross-regional peer-to-peer learning activities aimed at enhancing their knowledge, building their capacity, and growing their expertise to facilitate greater trade and investment. 

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Connectivity Agenda Action Plan

The Action Plan contextualises and operationalises the work of the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda. It gives practical expression to the Agenda by translating the Declaration on the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda for Trade and Investment made by Commonwealth Heads of Government in April 2018 into ambitions, outputs and specific activities for action.

State of the Digital Economy in the Commonwealth

The over-arching objective of this study is to assess the state of the digital economy in the Commonwealth, through:

  • Identifying the different levels at which the Commonwealth countries are operating in the digital economy
  • Scoping out the new opportunities for development of small states in the Commonwealth, including through investment in digital machinery, digital skills, e-commerce and e-government services
  • Identifying the challenges that a persistent digital divide poses in these countries
  • Understanding the potential for digital technologies to boost intra-Commonwealth trade, and highlighting the role intra-Commonwealth co-operation can play in building digital capacity, particularly in small states
  • Identifying best practices and lessons from Commonwealth economies at different levels of development and digital transformation, such as the UK, India, South Africa, Kenya and Papua New Guinea

Case studies

Case studies from selected Commonwealth member countries on issues relevant to the work programmes of the 5 Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda clusters.

Repository of Digital Policies and Regulations 

The Commonwealth Secretariat has created an online repository of digital policies and regulations that covers all Commonwealth countries and contains information on individual policies and regulations in specific countries. The repository is intended to provide a frame of reference for Commonwealth members wanting to devise and implement appropriate policies to support digital transformation, create an enabling environment for digital trade, and harness the benefits of digital transformation.

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