The Regulatory Connectivity Cluster is working to improve regulatory regimes for trade and investment across the Commonwealth.

  • Good regulatory practices – The Regulatory Connectivity Cluster is developing a common understanding of best practice for Good Regulatory Practices (GPRs) and to build capacity for Commonwealth members to design and implement GRPs.
  • Ease of doing business –  Members are exchanging knowledge and experiences on ease of doing business reforms and ways to ease regulatory challenges for micro, small and medium enterprises.
  • Non-tariff barriers – The Cluster is facilitating trade and investment supportive international regulatory cooperation within the Commonwealth. They are cooperating to support inter-operability of systems and regulations in order to reduce regulatory barriers to intra-Commonwealth trade.

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Quick facts

Regulatory Governance Index

Canada, Malaysia, Malta and New Zealand score highest among Commonwealth countries on the Regulatory Governance Index, with scores between 4 and 5.


Regulatory Governance Index

There is significant variation in regulatory quality and coherence across the Commonwealth – Commonwealth members such as Barbados, Mauritius, Seychelles, Solomon Islands and Zambia score below 3 on the Regulatory Governance Index.


International regulatory cooperation

International regulatory cooperation can support increased trade flows: the inclusion of a transparency provision in a regional trade agreement can increase trade flows by more than 1 per cent.