CARICOM Competition Commission and Commonwealth launch a new course for Consumer Protection Authorities in the Caribbean

18 April 2023
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Today the CARICOM Competition Commission (CCC) launches its online consumer protection course for consumer protection officials in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).

This activity forms part of the CCC’s 2023 Work Programme supporting the development of the region’s consumer protection framework, which is a core enabler to achieving a fully integrated regional economy and single market.

The CCC partnered with the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Connectivity Agenda Section, which provided funding to facilitate the course’s development. The course aims to support the development of the region’s consumer protection framework which is a core enabler to achieving a fully integrated regional economy.

The course is primarily facilitated by Dr. Iris Benöhr, who is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Law at Queen Mary University of London and the Deputy Director of the Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC), with contributions from national consumer protection authorities within the region and the CCC.

Acknowledging that the course is a first for the CCC in the area of consumer protection, Nievia Ramsundar, Executive Director of the CCC said:

“A strong consumer welfare culture in the CSME is critical to regional economic competitiveness and a robust economy.”

Vashti Maharaj, Adviser, Digital Trade Policy, Project Lead from the Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda said:

 “This is a much-needed initiative in the Caribbean region as it aims to strengthen consumer protection in CSME countries among consumer protection officials and authorities as well NGOs.”

The course targets the critical areas of understanding and knowledge for officials enforcing consumer protection laws in member states of the CSME, and will also be rolled out to consumer protection NGOs. The course content will provide an overview of best practices and emerging trends in consumer protection and examine national and regional consumer protection laws.

The virtual delivery of the course will ensure its viability, sustainability, and responsiveness to the changing needs of consumer protection officials and enable the CCC to utilize the content on an ongoing basis to strengthen capacity building, whilst ensuring that the courses remain up to date and relevant to participants based on consumer trends.

The course will also benefit from two virtual seminars for course participants to be held on 3rd May 2023 and 15th June 2023. 

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