The Commonwealth Blue Charter works through a set of Action Groups, each devoted to a particular ocean issue. Action Groups are driven by member countries, and led by 'Champion' countries. 

Commonwealth Clean Ocean Alliance

The United Kingdom and Vanuatu are working together to lead this Action Group on tackling marine plastic pollution – the Commonwealth Clean Ocean Alliance (CCOA).

Coral Reef Protection and Restoration

Australia, Belize and Mauritius are co-championing the Commonwealth Blue Charter Action Group on Coral Reef Protection and Restoration.

Mangrove Ecosystems and Livelihoods

Sri Lanka has stepped forward to be a Commonwealth Blue Charter Champion and lead an Action Group on Mangrove Ecosystems and Livelihoods.

Marine Protected Areas

Barbados and Seychelles have stepped forward to champion the Commonwealth Blue Charter Action Group on Marine Protected Areas. 

Ocean Acidification

New Zealand will champion the Ocean Acidification Action Group – improving the capacity of countries to address the issue, particularly in small-island developing states.

Ocean and Climate Change

Fiji has stepped forward to champion the Ocean and Climate Change Action Group. 

Ocean Observation

Canada has stepped forward to lead the Ocean Observation Action Group.

Sustainable Aquaculture

Cyprus has stepped forward as the Commonwealth Blue Charter Champion on Sustainable Aquaculture.

Sustainable Blue Economy

Antigua and Barbuda and Kenya are championing an Action Group on developing an integrated approach to the Blue Economy.

Sustainable Coastal Fisheries

Maldives and Kiribati co-champion the Action Group on Sustainable Coastal Fisheries.

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