The Commonwealth Blue Charter is an agreement by all 54 Commonwealth countries to actively cooperate to:

→  solve ocean-related problems

→  meet commitments for sustainable ocean development.

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The underlying principles of the Blue Charter come from the Charter of the Commonwealth, which was signed by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013.

The Blue Charter helps Commonwealth countries work together on a fair, inclusive and sustainable approach to ocean protection and economic development.

Download the Commonwealth Blue Charter

The Blue Charter can be viewed in your browser or downloaded as a PDF


Action Groups

The Commonwealth Blue Charter works through a set of Action Groups, each devoted to a particular ocean issue. Action Groups are driven by member countries, led by ‘Champion’ countries.

So far 16 countries have stepped forward to be Champions on 10 topics. Action Groups will unlock the power of 54 nations and guide the development of tools and training.


Did you know?

out of 54 Commonwealth countries have marine coastlines
of national marine waters are in the Commonwealth
is the length of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest reef
Commonwealth countries have 45% of the world's coral reefs
of Commonwealth countries are small island developing states – those most vulnerable to ocean and climate change


Become a partner

If your organisation is interested in contributing to the work of the Commonwealth Blue Charter, please complete the form linked to below. 

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