Commonwealth Youth Policy Recommendations on Climate Change

Cover image of Commonwealth Youth Policy Recommendations on Climate Change

Combating climate change requires active and meaningful participation by all actors at different levels and scales, with young people at the centre as key stakeholders. Worldwide, young people are disproportionately affected by climate risks and vulnerabilities, and current trends and projections show that climate change will have more profound effects on them. This highlights the need to mainstream youth-led climate action into sustainable development programmes.

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Across the world, young people are uniting their voices in the fight against climate change, standing up for social injustices and calling out the lack of action and accountability in protecting their future — a future that relies on the health of our planet and its valuable ecosystems. Despite intensifying social, economic and environmental impacts due to the changing climate, the spirit of hope prevails. Youth from diverse backgrounds seek equal access to platforms to engage in constructive dialogues to freely share their lived experiences, showcase their actions and influence significant policy and practice.