The Commonwealth Secretariat’s publications are a key part of the organisation’s mission to work as a trusted partner for all Commonwealth people as a force for peace, democracy, equality, and good governance; a catalyst for global consensus-building; and a source of assistance for sustainable development and poverty eradication.

About Commonwealth publications

The Commonwealth Secretariat publishes authoritative, evidence-based research and knowledge products for policymakers, academics, professionals and wider publics across the world. Our publications cover all aspects of the Commonwealth’s areas of work, focus and expertise, including small and developing states; environment and climate change; democracy, law and government; and social issues concerning young people, gender, health and education.

The vast majority of our publications are fully open-access, including those accessible in this area of our website, and in our standalone Commonwealth iLibrary, which hosts our publishing archive covering 1969–2023.

Printed copies of selected major Commonwealth Secretariat titles are also available to purchase from our bookstore, provided by our distributor Eurospan. See below for full details about our stockists and distributors worldwide.

You can also consult our library and archive catalogue to find books and historical documents by and about the Commonwealth.

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