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This blue economy Rapid Readiness Assessment (RRA) pilot project was undertaken in Trinidad and Tobago, alongside a second pilot project in Antigua and Barbuda, to establish the government’s readiness to embark on the transition to a sustainable blue economy (SBE). The RRA approach is based on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Sustainable Blue Economy Transition Framework (SBE-TF) and is being trialled by the Commonwealth Secretariat, in partnership with UNEP, Howell Marine Consulting and the University of Portsmouth, under the Commonwealth Blue Charter programme. This report presents the findings of the RRA, with recommendations.
Read publication - Rapid Readiness Assessment for the Transition to a Sustainable Blue Economy: Pilot project in Trinidad and Tobago
11 November 2022 to 11 November 2022
The Commonwealth Secretariat will host this roundtable workshop at Climate Law & Governance Day 2022 in collaboration with University of Cambridge Centre for Energy, Environment & Natural Resources and Governance (CEENRG) and the University of Waterloo School of Environment, Enterprise & Development (SEED).