With the emergence of technology-enabled financial services (fintech) and the profound changes to the production and delivery of financial services it has enabled, Commonwealth Central Bank Governors (CCBGs) expressed a desire for improved technical guidance on fintech implementation. 

The Commonwealth Fintech Toolkit a response to that call. The Toolkit aims to build the capabilities of senior leaders and their teams, helping them to understand the building blocks of fintech, identify which policy interventions may make sense in a given context, and how to implement that decision.

What is FinTech?

What is AI?

What is Blockchain?

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Training Programme

To help bolster capacity development for fintech professionals in Commonwealth governments, the Commonwealth Secretariat has partnered with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to fund the participation of member states on fintech courses. 

These courses allow participants to understand fintech issues from the perspective of both the regulator and the innovator.

As of August 2020, over 100 people from 42 Commonwealth member countries have participated in the programme.  These participants together form the Commonwealth Fintech Network.


FinTech and Covid-19