The Great Supply Chain Shift: Implications for the Commonwealth

Event date: 27 September 2023, 12:30 - 13:30

Global supply chains are changing as governments and firms re-assess risks in the post-Covid era.

There are potential opportunities for Commonwealth countries to benefit from these changing dynamics. For example, greater participation in global supply chains presents India with a historic opportunity to promote industrialisation in its South Asian neighbourhood. In addition, the African Continental Free Trade Area creates opportunities for the continent’s structural transformation, industrialisation and regional value chains.

This webinar will examine whether there is a shift of supply chains from China to South Asia, and what the implications of this broader global dynamic are for members of the Commonwealth, especially Africa.


Ganeshan Wignaraja, Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka on Strategic Trade Policy


Paulina M. Elago, Former Executive Secretary, Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Secretariat

Antonio Andreoni, Professor of Development Economics, Department of Economics, SOAS University of London


Brendan Vickers, Head of the International Trade Policy Section, Commonwealth Secretariat