The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon

Event date: 21 June 2022, 15:30 - 17:00
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The Commonwealth Secretariat and The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization are proud to announce The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon.

The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon aims to scout, select and support impact-driven teams with game-changing solutions that aim to address the shift to increased digital technology as we strive to achieve a fairer and more frictionless international trade system across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Coming this October 2022!

How is this hackathon different?

Unlike the usual Hackathon, the Commonwealth will feature scale-ready solutions.
Teams have 48 hours to prepare and present their existing tech solution that can solve the posed problems by the partners.

  • Participants will choose a vertical and a problem statement provided by a partner
  • 48 hours to work on solution
  • Workshops, mentorship sessions, learning sessions
  • Submission through the Digital Hack Platform and hybrid presentation
  • Awarding


The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon is an expertly designed program that is set to disrupt digital trade through transformative innovation and entrepreneurship support. This dynamic program will run on a hybrid approach featuring an innovative hackathon platform.

  • Program Launch: June 2022
  • Registration Start: July 21, 2022
  • Outreach Campaign: July - August 2022
  • Learning Sessions: September 2022
  • Closing of Registration: October 2022
  • Event Proper: October 2022

Who can join?

The Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon is open to all scale-ready solutions that aims to accelerate their impact.

How to join?

Sign up to receive more information when our registration goes live this June. Stay tuned!

Why should you join?

The winner of the Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon will receive exciting prizes and the unique opportunity to see your solution scaled across the Commonwealth.

Get in touch

For more participant and partnership information about the
 Commonwealth Digital Trade Hackathon, please contact [email protected]