The Commonwealth promotes the rule of law by providing support to member countries through knowledge and expertise sharing programmes, leading on work in law and development, implementing the Cyber Declaration and promoting democracy.

Support to member countries

The support we provide to member countries includes:

  • Strengthening rule of law institutions through technical assistance and development of policy and tools to build capacity and enhance skills
  • Providing short term experts remotely or in-country to help in the development and drafting of laws
  • Working with legal professionals to strengthen legal frameworks by rendering technical assistance to member countries which request the Secretariat’s assistance
  • Providing training and capacity building in legislative drafting and law reform
  • Enhancing investigatory and prosecutorial capabilities in areas such as organised crime, anti-corruption, cybercrime, money laundering
  • Mentoring and placing rule of law officials in relevant agencies for benchmarking and study tours to boost capacity
  • Implementing twinning and exchange programmes between national rule of law institutions, for example between legislative drafting offices in the Commonwealth
  • Promoting practical and cross-cutting issues in the administration of justice, such as international cooperation on criminal matters, judicial independence, effective court administration and legislative drafting and law reforms

Promoting best practice

To help improve effectiveness, we strengthen the practical skills of legal professionals and increase their substantive knowledge of the law. This is done by developing and promoting best practice in the form of toolkits, guidelines, manuals and model laws, such as:

Commonwealth Legislative Drafting Manual

Changing the Law: A Practical Guide to Law Reform

Commonwealth Judicial Benchbook 

Case Law Handbook on Violence against Women