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  • Observing the conduct of elections

    The Commonwealth is a pioneer in the field of international election observation and has observed over 160 elections in 40 countries since 1980.

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Promoting Democracy

Building, supporting and strengthening legal systems and good governance in our member countries is a key aim of the Commonwealth.

Electoral Support

Through electoral support, the Commonwealth works to strengthen electoral democracy and election bodies, institutions and processes. Key activities include:

Good Offices for Peace

The Secretary-General’s Good Offices for Peace play an important role in political dispute mitigation and resolution.

This work may involve the appointment of distinguished representatives, or envoys, to promote dialogue between key actors and support the development of sustainable solutions to often deep-rooted tensions. 

Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) assesses violations of Commonwealth values and recommends measures to restore democracy and constitutional rule. Its activities, composition and remit are reviewed every two years.