The Commonwealth Cyber Declaration was signed at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London in 2018.

The Commonwealth Cyber Declaration sets out the commitments made by Heads of Government to support a cyberspace that promotes economic and social development, and rights online.

These commitments aim to build the foundations of an effective national cybersecurity response and to promote stability in cyberspace through international cooperation.

Implementation of the Cyber Declaration

With the financial support of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Commonwealth Secretariat has worked on four distinct projects in order to implement the commitments of the Cyber Declaration across the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Secretariat partnered with a number of regional and international organisations in the delivery of the programme, including UNODCCARICOM IMPACS, and the Council of Europe.



History of the Secretariat’s Cyber work

Prior to the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration, the Commonwealth Secretariat undertook work on cybercrime and cybersecurity under the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative.

Achievements include:

  • Reviews and recommendations given by the Commonwealth Secretariat for the reform of Cybercrime Legislation in Ghana, Botswana, and Trinidad and Tobago, following various scoping missions
  • Direct assistance in Trinidad and Tobago to establish their new Information Commission
  • Further efforts to increase child protection online, and to support academic research
  • Assisting Botswana with the reform of its 2007 Cybercrime Act