The primary role of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Health Section is to assist member countries to develop and implement policies that reduce disparities and improve health outcomes for Commonwealth citizens.

We strive to do this through the promotion of universal health coverage in relation to addressing communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and other Commonwealth health priorities.

Our programme

The Health Section covers four key areas of work as part of its new strategic plan for 2021-2025:



Our approach

We assist member countries through four key mechanisms:

  • Convening of high-level multilateral dialogues and forums, such as the annual Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting and Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Health
  • Provide country capacity building opportunities, including the coordination of technical working groups and the provision of technical assistance, with the support of Commonwealth accredited organisations and partners.
  • Facilitate opportunities for networking between member countries to foster cooperation through sharing of information and best practices
  • Share evidence-based research and advocacy to advance understanding of emerging and persistent health challenges within the Commonwealth community

The Commonwealth works to achieve these aims through an integrated approach, working closely with other internal departments such as the Sport for Development and Peace Section, Education Section and the Youth Section, to ensure an interdisciplinary approach. The Secretariat seeks to ensure young people and often marginalised groups are at the heart of health work.

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