Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting

The current CHMM Chair in Office is Hon. Minister Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Each year, Commonwealth Health Ministers from across the 56 member countries meet to share experiences, recommendations and to make commitments on health matters facing their populations during the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM). These meetings, which typically take place in Geneva, Switzerland, helps to inform the direction of the Health Section within the Secretariat, ensuring its efforts are in alignment with the priorities of member countries.

The objectives for the Commonwealth Health Ministers meeting include:

  • To build consensus on collective and national actions through agreeing on commitments and recommendations to build more equitable and resilient health systems.
  • To provide member countries with an opportunity to share regional and national experiences on health issues and priorities.
  • To discuss updates and reports from the commitments and recommendations considered at the previous Commonwealth Health Ministers meeting.
  • To contribute to the collective Commonwealth perspective on global health issues and other matters, which will be articulated at diverse international fora, including the World Health Assembly, and other Commonwealth Ministerial Meetings.

Ministerial Statements

CHMM 2021 Statement

CHMM 2020 Statement

Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Health

The current CACH Chair is Dr Obsorne Liko, Health Secretary, Minister of Health, Papua New Guinea.

The Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Health (CACH) is a selected Committee made up of senior officials, regional bodies and civil society from the Commonwealth. The membership selection is on a rotational basis with CACH members serving a four-year term in the advisory role. CACH provides the link between the Health Ministers and the Secretariat with the mandate to advise the Commonwealth Secretariat, through the Health Section, on matters of public health concern and of health emerging trends within the Commonwealth.

The Committee provides guidance to the Secretariat on its work and advises the Commonwealth Health Ministers on strategic direction and outcomes of the Health Unit’s work programme.

The objectives for the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Health are:

  • To guide the Secretariat and partner organisations on health issues facing Commonwealth member countries. 
  • To advise Commonwealth Health Ministers on the strategic direction of the Health Section’s work programme and contribute to the development of the Health Section’s strategic and operational plans. 
  • To receive periodic updates on the progress made towards implementation of the Strategic Plan and recommend adjustments to enhance outcomes. 
  • To advise on the theme, format and provisional agenda for the annual Commonwealth Health Ministers Meetings (CHMM). 
  • To promote awareness of the work of the Commonwealth in health at national, regional and global levels.  
  • To facilitate linkages, networking, partnership building and resource mobilisation in pursuit of advancing Commonwealth health priorities. 
  • To review, monitor and follow up on recommendations made from the CHMM mandates
  • To engage with civil society and regional bodies on the improvement of health in the Commonwealth.