The Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition (CSET) Agenda enables member countries to work together to fast-track an inclusive, just and equitable transition to low-carbon energy systems across the Commonwealth.

Energy plays a vital role in global economic growth, underpinning all areas of development. A growing global population and expanding urbanisation means the world will require substantially more energy.

Ensuring access to energy for all is a priority for sustainable development, as reflected in Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7), a first-ever universal goal on energy, with five targets to be achieved by 2030.

However, the increased global energy demand has a significant impact on the fight against climate change, given that energy production and use contribute about two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, which are also reflected in SDG 13, there is an urgent need to transition from fossil fuel-dependent energy systems to more efficient, sustainable and clean energy systems.

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  • Dr Nicholas Hardman-Mountford, Head, Oceans and Natural Resources
  • Victor Kitange, Economic Adviser and Lead, Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Agenda