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Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland presents an award

Secretary-General reiterates the importance of intra-Commonwealth trade

31 May 2019

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has reiterated the importance of taking advantage of the innate benefits of intra-Commonwealth trade.

Speaking at the Indian Business Group’s Indian Awards Ceremony in London, which celebrates UK–India relationships and collaborations, she said, “This year we are celebrating ‘A Connected Commonwealth’.

“The strong cultural and economic ties which exist between India and the United Kingdom contribute to the interconnecting networks of international trade and cooperation which enable individuals and communities from all our member countries to enjoy inclusive social progress and sustainable economic growth.

“I commend the India Business Group for its work to build on the many links of affinity and kinship which connect India and the United Kingdom, thereby adding to the health, hope and harmony of the 2.4 billion people of our worldwide Commonwealth family.”

During the ceremony the Secretary-General presented the Global Game Changers Award to Zubin Karkaria, founder and CEO of VFS Global - the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions. 

The awards, Indian High Commissioner Ruchi Ghanasyham said, are a recognition of the power of Commonwealth cooperation. She added that India and the UK share a special bond that is strengthened by the people of the two countries, and which creates a “Living Bridge” and is the mainstay of the business and cultural ties between the two countries.

IBG chair, Lord Patel, attributed the success of the annual awards to the deep understanding of a shared history, culture and language.  The event, he added, was about “helping both countries to thrive by enhancing both economies, creating jobs, utilising untapped skills and so benefiting Indians and Britons.”