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Blog by Micheala Chan and Angelos Pastras, the Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Youth Action Group.

Education is the cornerstone of the energy transition. In an era dominated by social media, young people are uniquely positioned to leverage their influence to build public consciousness around energy challenges, shape public awareness and garner support for climate and energy policies. Movements such as School Strike for Climate provide a prime example, exemplifying the power of young people to effectively advocate for climate action.
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One of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders to guide the global development agenda until 2030 involves taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts (UN, 2015a). Without access to climate finance, it is impossible for individuals and communities, especially those in developing countries, to implement ambitious climate actions. Although there is as yet no universally agreed definition of climate finance, the common understanding is that climate finance is critical in curbing climate change impacts.
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6 November 2023 to 11 November 2023
Across the Commonwealth, a powerful workforce of millions turns up daily to hospitals, prisons, youth centres, parks, schools, campsites, homes and almost any location you can bring to mind. They are our youth workers who are entrusted with the crucially important mission of supporting, protecting, and mentoring our young people.  
The inaugural Commonwealth Expo 2023 was held on the final day of the 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (10CYMM) and allowed Government ministers and other delegates to learn more about the work of accredited Commonwealth organisations, as well as others working in the youth space. The expo resulted in a rich display of youth-focused initiatives and projects that are all aimed at improving the lives of young people.
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Senior government ministers and other senior government officials attending the 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (10CYMM) got a feel of the impactful work some UK organisations are doing to support young people in London. The UK’s National Youth Agency facilitated visits to four innovative youth work projects to showcase different approaches to common challenges.
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The 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (CYMM) opened in London today, bringing together Government ministers, senior government officials, education stakeholders and young leaders from across the Commonwealth to agree on policies and initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering young people across 56 member states.
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