The Commonwealth Youth Programme has been supporting member countries with youth development work for 50 years. In Commonwealth member countries, 2023 is the Year of Youth.


Year of Youth

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2022, leaders declared 2023 as a year dedicated to youth-led action for sustainable and inclusive development. Year of Youth was officially launched in January.

We invite young changemakers, civil society and governments to work together towards a renewed vision for the Commonwealth: one that is secure, fair, and sustainable.

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Your Commonwealth, Your Future

Youth in the Commonwealth

2023 coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth Youth Programme – established to deliver support for young people under the age of 30 to reach their full potential.

The Commonwealth’s 56 member countries have a combined population of 2.5 billion people, of which more than 60% are under 30 years of age.

1.5 billion
young people live in the Commonwealth
of the total Commonwealth population
1 in 3
young people aged between 15 and 29

Year of Youth Advisory Committee

An advisory committee guides the implementation of the Year of Youth – making sure young people are given a platform during the series of high-profile youth events due to take place in 2023.



The Commonwealth Year of Youth's mission will be achieved through accomplishing the following aims:


the inclusive participation of young people and youth partners throughout the Commonwealth to celebrate their contributions and deliver a wide-ranging programme of activities.


decision-makers and partners to increase investment in creating an enabling environment for youth empowerment through a revitalised Commonwealth Youth programme and youth-led networks and initiatives.


Commonwealth youth by building their capacities for leadership, collaboration and co-creation of inclusive solutions to address challenges in development, democracy, diversity and peace.


a renewed Commonwealth that is championed by young people of all backgrounds from the 56 Commonwealth member countries, who are working together to create a common agenda.

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The Year of Youth 2023 provides an opportunity for all stakeholders at all levels to renew and strengthen their commitment to youth engagement and empowerment.

If your organisation would like to propose a Year of Youth activity and collaborate with the Commonwealth Secretariat, please complete an Expression of Interest form.

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Other ways to get involved

Youth Clubs

Set up a Commonwealth Youth Club called the Fifth Space, in a school or in your community. These spaces focus on self-transformation of youth as well as transforming society through youth development, leadership skills and informed stances on social issues.

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Commonwealth Youth Network

The Commonwealth has 15 youth networks covering all the key aspects of development and democracy in the Commonwealth.

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Commonwealth Professional Association

Join a Commonwealth Professional Association or Society. The Commonwealth is supported by a network of more than 80 accredited organisations working in specialist areas from education to urban planning.

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Schedule of events

Join us in 2023 for a series of youth-focused Commonwealth events designed to bring together young people, changemakers and governments, put youth issues at the centre of the global agenda, and empower participants and observers to advocate for changes that improve the lives of under-30s across the 56 member countries.

Year round activities


Year of Youth Champions

Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh will act as a Year of Youth Champion, responsible for promoting and raising the profile of issues facing young people in the Commonwealth.

Year of Youth Champions will echo the Commonwealth Secretariat’s call for stakeholders at all levels to renew and strengthen their commitment to youth engagement and empowerment.



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