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Commonwealth Secretariat spokesperson's statement on Maldives

2 February 2012

"The Commonwealth Secretariat welcomes the invitation of the Government of Maldives to assist in addressing its current challenges. A Secretariat delegation will visit Maldives shortly for discussions with key interlocutors"

Kamalesh Sharma visits Malawi, Rwanda and Ethiopia

31 January 2012

Commonwealth Secretary-General holds talks with political and civil society leaders during his trip to Africa

Strengthening the role of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

31 January 2012

Report of CMAG as adopted by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, 2011

Commonwealth Secretary-General in Addis Ababa for the African Union Summit

29 January 2012

Kamalesh Sharma meets Swaziland Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini

Kamalesh Sharma addresses Rwandan students

27 January 2012

"As the newest member of the Commonwealth, Rwanda has very quickly become a committed participant at the intergovernmental level, and the people of Rwanda are now weaving themselves into the networks and alliances that are amongst the many benefits and opportunities opened by membership" - Kamalesh Sharma

Statement on Papua New Guinea by Commonwealth Secretariat Spokesperson

27 January 2012

"The Commonwealth unreservedly rejects any use of military means for domestic political purposes"

Acceptance speech by the Commonwealth Secretary-General on receiving an Honorary Doctorate

27 January 2012

Speaker: Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma

Caribbean countries focus on transforming education through teacher technology competencies

26 January 2012

Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth of Learning, Microsoft, and UNESCO lead efforts for the first ICT in Education Leadership Forum in Barbados

Sierra Leone launches web portal to enhance transparency and accountability of governance

26 January 2012

Project funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat to promote dialogue between government and citizens