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New Commonwealth toolkit reviews Malta’s education system against international standards Maltese students

23 June 2021

A new Commonwealth toolkit is being piloted in Malta to help the country assess and, where necessary, reform its education system in line with international standards.

Blog: Averting a Dual Crisis with One Financial Instrument Man standing on a rock in the ocean

22 June 2021

It is perhaps fair to say that the world was ambushed by the pandemic in 2020. Global and national plans were derailed, and lives were lost and upended as each new development shocked and traumatised entire populations.

Blog: Coming Together for a Way Forward: Commonwealth Tourism Seminar

21 June 2021

The upcoming Commonwealth Tourism Seminar on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, takes a look at the future of tourism and draws on new Commonwealth research -Tourism and COVID-19: Mapping a Way Forward for the Commonwealth Small States.  

Event: COVID-19 Policy Briefing Series: Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Climate Goals

29 June 2021

This webinar will discuss the findings of a recent study by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law. Using practical examples, the webinar will demonstrate how international economic law can help to ensure that countries can ‘build back greener’.

Working together the only viable way forward, says Secretary-General

18 June 2021

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has set out how an agile Secretariat has managed to support multilateral cooperation between member countries in the face of multiple challenges.

Statement by the Commonwealth Secretary-General on the passing of former President of Zambia Dr Kenneth Kaunda President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia greets the leaders of the Canadian delegation Senator Paul Martin as Secretary-General Arnold Smith looks on. Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting, Lusaka, Zambia, January 1973

17 June 2021

Commonwealth Secretary-General The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC has expressed sympathy and a sense of loss at the death of Zambia’s founding President, HE Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Event: Virtual Training on the Commonwealth Good Regulatory Principles and Practice

30 June 2021

Differences in regulatory systems, and the difficulty in complying with standards, have been identified by the private sector as the second and third greatest concern about doing business in other Commonwealth countries. In response to this concern, in the Commonwealth Good Regulatory Principles were drafted and presented at the 4th meeting of the Regulatory Connectivity Cluster:

Bright young minds push for youth-led climate initiatives in small states

16 June 2021

Of the Commonwealth’s 2.4 billion citizens, 60% are under the age of 35. The boot camp, developed by the University of Cambridge, stimulates youth-led initiatives and is a part of a multi-year research engagement between the Commonwealth Secretariat and the university’s Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP).

Event: Debt-for-climate swaps in the Caribbean Tropical island Belize

22 June 2021

In the face of multiple global crises, debt-for-climate swaps are being widely discussed as an instrument to manage mounting public debts, climate change challenges and Covid-19 recovery. Belize is a small island developing state in the Caribbean region facing these challenges. The Government of Belize has requested the Commonwealth Secretariat to provide assistance to design and implement a ‘Debt for Climate/Nature Swap Mechanism’ for the country.

Close to 600 officials trained across the Commonwealth in better government performance management

16 June 2021

In one of the largest training programmes of its kind, close to 600 senior Government officials and decision-makers from across the Commonwealth completed the Advanced Online Training in Government Performance Management course.