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Event: Vulnerability in Development Financing: Why is there resistance to formal use? Island beach

9 July 2021

This joint side event by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda will focus on the informal use of vulnerability indices in development financing decisions.

Blog: Rebuilding early childhood education systems post pandemic Children in africa in school

25 June 2021

In the early months of 2020, governments across the globe stood at their podiums to tell their populations that a new and dangerous communicable disease was forcing them to shut their borders and lockdown their communities.

The Commonwealth Stands in Solidarity with All Victims and Survivors of Torture Woman crying

25 June 2021

London Saturday 26 June 2021: Today on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Commonwealth Secretary-General The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC calls on all Commonwealth countries to stand in solidarity with victims and survivors of torture and to act by ratifying and fully implementing the UN Convention against Torture.

Event: Small States and Investor-State Dispute Settlement Webinar island beach

5 July 2021

This webinar will provide a practical introduction to investor-state dispute settlement with a focus on the Pacific region.

New global index seeks to transform how developing nations are supported Graphic of the tile of the report

24 June 2021

The Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has spoken today urging the international community to make crucial changes to how it delivers finance to developing nations, proposing a new system that moves beyond the use of GDP as the sole criteria for receiving certain types of support.

Malaria tracker launched to help affected Commonwealth countries tackle the disease Malaria tracker

24 June 2021

A new tracker has been launched to help Commonwealth countries monitor progress towards halving malaria cases by 2023 and ultimately ending the disease by 2030. 

Youth workers imagine ‘hopeful’ future after COVID-19 at Commonwealth café Screen shot of the participants

23 June 2021

Youth workers used the words “challenging”, “resilient” and “hopeful” to describe the future of their work after COVID-19 at a Virtual Commonwealth Café.

New Commonwealth toolkit reviews Malta’s education system against international standards Maltese students

23 June 2021

A new Commonwealth toolkit is being piloted in Malta to help the country assess and, where necessary, reform its education system in line with international standards.

Blog: Averting a Dual Crisis with One Financial Instrument Man standing on a rock in the ocean

22 June 2021

It is perhaps fair to say that the world was ambushed by the pandemic in 2020. Global and national plans were derailed, and lives were lost and upended as each new development shocked and traumatised entire populations.

Blog: Coming Together for a Way Forward: Commonwealth Tourism Seminar

21 June 2021

The upcoming Commonwealth Tourism Seminar on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, takes a look at the future of tourism and draws on new Commonwealth research -Tourism and COVID-19: Mapping a Way Forward for the Commonwealth Small States.