Uganda’s 2016 elections ‘again fall short of democratic benchmarks’, say Commonwealth observers

20 February 2016

Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group, delivered the observers’ interim assessment on 20 February, saying that, “once again these elections fell short of meeting key democratic benchmarks”.

Youth work conference lights path to professionalisation

18 February 2016

A line-up of experts has been announced for the second Commonwealth conference dedicated to youth development work, to be held in Pretoria, South Africa from 8 to 10 March.

Ugandans cast their votes in 2016 general elections

18 February 2016

More than 15 million people are eligible to vote by the close of polls on Thursday 18 February, in the country’s third major elections since the restoration of multi-party politics in 2005.

Commonwealth Day 2016: Will you fly a flag for the Commonwealth?

17 February 2016

The 'Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth' initiative provides an opportunity for all those living in the Commonwealth to join together and celebrate the association by flying the Commonwealth flag in a public space on Commonwealth Day.

Commonwealth observers in Uganda call for peaceful and transparent poll Commonwealth Observer group’s Chair, Olusegun Obasanjo

16 February 2016

As Commonwealth observers began deploying across Uganda, the group’s Chair, Olusegun Obasanjo, expresses hope that people will enjoy a peaceful and credible election on 18 February.

Improving the business services sector in Belize

16 February 2016

Government officials from Belize and private sector representatives will meet in February to discuss a new Commonwealth strategy to improve the country’s business services sector.

Top Cyprus debt chief endorses Commonwealth Secretariat software

15 February 2016

The Commonwealth’s flagship debt management system is set to play a “catalytic role” in facilitating Cyprus’s public debt management operations, one of the country’s chief officials has said.

Commonwealth election observers in Uganda shine a 'spotlight'

14 February 2016

A team of independent observers drawn from across the Commonwealth arrived in Uganda on 11 February to observe the coming elections.

Secretary-General meets the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives The Secretary-General met with Dunya Maumoon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives on 11 February in London.

11 February 2016

The Secretary-General met with Dunya Maumoon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives on 11 February in London.

Finalists for 2016 Commonwealth Youth Awards announced

11 February 2016

The awards recognise outstanding young people under the age of 30 from Commonwealth countries whose work has significantly contributed to local, national, regional and global development.