Blog: Employers creating safe spaces to prevent harassment at work workplace harassment

6 December 2020

Workplace harassment is an epidemic that blights the lives of women and girls around the world in formal and informal ‘workplace’ spheres. It is used to discriminate against or violate the human rights of over half of the world’s population.

Commonwealth observers start work as Ghana goes to the polls Commonwealth Observer Group in Ghana

5 December 2020

Ghanaians will vote in the presidential and parliamentary election due to be held on 7 December.

Blog: Trivialising misogyny in terrorism is dangerous but tackling gender assumptions can prevent violent extremism  countering extreme terrorism

5 December 2020

Although often overlooked, there is a stark gender dynamic to terrorism and violent extremism. In 2018, Commonwealth Heads of Government encouraged the active involvement of women in finding solutions to violent extremism.

Secretary-General makes first official visit to The Gambia after it re-joined Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland

4 December 2020

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland will tomorrow depart for her first official visit to The Gambia.

New study calls for gender equity in ocean science Female ocean scientist

4 December 2020

A newly released report funded by the Government of Canada has called for better opportunities in ocean science for women and those who identify as non-binary, in order to achieve sustainable ocean governance.

Blog: Justice system should not fail in protecting victims of gender-based violence Ugandan women and child

4 December 2020

The first instinct of women planning to escape violence is to reach the police and justice system for protection. As they take the brave step to report, often they are met with a failing system.

Secretary-General urges action to remove barriers hindering people with disabilities Secretary-General Patricia Scotland

3 December 2020

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has pledged concerted and continuous action to protect the rights and needs of people with disabilities. 

Blog: ‘Time’s up’ – Countries should reform laws that discriminate against women Gambia mother and child

3 December 2020

If you are a woman and want to work or operate on an equal footing with men, it is almost certain the laws in your country will hinder your right to do so.

Blog: New Zealand is first in Commonwealth to grant paid domestic violence leave - other countries should follow suit domestic abuse bill

2 December 2020

Despite the regulation of international laws and national efforts to prevent and deal with family violence, women in New Zealand remain at risk in their homes. This changed in April 2019 when the New Zealand parliament became the first in the Commonwealth to pass national legislation granting victims of domestic violence 10 days of paid leave.

World AIDS Day: Eliminating triple threat of HIV, gender-based violence and cervical cancer Zambia women

1 December 2020

Today, people across the globe will pause to focus on one of the most persistent and vicious epidemics in our history: AIDS. Three letters that have caused unprecedented suffering and loss across generations and around our world.