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Mauritius’ Minister of Youth and Sports, Stephan Toussaint speaking at a three-day workshop

Two Mauritius universities to offer degree in Commonwealth youth work

23 May 2019

Mauritius’ Minister of Youth and Sports, Stephan Toussaint, has announced that two universities in his country will offer a degree in Commonwealth youth work starting in August.

The Minister was speaking at the opening of a three-day workshop about the delivery of the youth work degree in his country.

He said: “The programme will help motivate and guide the young people in their personal and professional development as well as turn them into responsible citizens.

“One of [my] government’s priorities is to contribute to a supportive enabling environment for young people so as to create a pool of youth talent.”

The University of Mauritius and Open University of Mauritius will offer the degree to citizens who work with young people so they can grain professional qualification and skills.

The degree is part of the Commonwealth Higher Education Consortium for Youth Work programme. The consortium supports the education of youth workers and contributes to strengthening youth work policy and practice. The degree is equivalent to a Bachelor’s qualification in Mauritius and is made available as an open education resource through the Commonwealth of Learning.

The workshop, hosted in Mauritius, targeted the individuals and institutions directly responsible for delivering the degree in the country.  It trained a pool of lecturers in youth work course, including the methods of teaching, so they can teach the curriculum effectively.

Policymakers and implementers from the ministries of education, sport and youth also attended the workshop, showing their commitment to amplify the quality and impact of the youth work sector.  

Speaking at the workshop, Amina Osman, the Commonwealth’s education advisor, said: “Professionalisation of the youth work sector is one of the key recommendations made by member governments, which is being implemented by the Commonwealth through its consortium.

“The capacity of young people for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship - is widely recognised as invaluable in stimulating a sustainable return to social and economic well-being in countries. Young people bring about a more inclusive society – provided they have the right support at the right time.”

She told participants that at the ninth Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in Kampala, ministers agreed to promote youth work as a profession through education and training for sectors where youth engagement is important.  Ms. Osman added that at the Commonwealth Head of Governments Meeting in 2018, leaders affirmed youth empowerment as critical for realising the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.