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Top chefs join Commonwealth social media challenge to fight COVID-19

1 May 2020

Some of the coolest chefs in London have joined the Commonwealth's #HowIFightCovid19 social media challenge to volunteer their cookery skills.

Christopher Evans-Gordon is heading a team of friends and stars of London’s cuisine scene to support front line staff working in the UK National Health Service (NHS), and people finding it tough to provide for themselves, by offering daily slap-up meals.

Showing support

Many people in the UK have been showing support for NHS and other healthcare workers by publicly applauding them each week and by raising millions of pounds for charity. More than 100 NHS workers have died after becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Christopher co-owns the Little Yellow Door and Little Blue Door bars in London, recently voted the city's coolest bars. He and friend Aidan Christofferson helped found 'Family Meal', an organisation whose volunteers work with charities Food 4 Heroes and The Felix Project to serve up nutritious meals prepared in a professional kitchen.

The group, which includes young men and women from varied backgrounds aged 18 to 30, has prepared and distributed free meals to more than 2,500 people across London.

Volunteer chef with face mask

Christopher said: "My team and I have been blown away by the phenomenal support we’ve received, not only in the form of monetary donations, but the enormous amount of time our friends have happily thrown into this.

“From a wishy-washy thought three weeks ago to having cooked and delivered over 3,000 meals in our first seven days of production, we have peeled chopped and served over half a tonne of food to those in need. But this is just the beginning and we will not stop until everyone is fed.”

How I Fight Covid 19

The Commonwealth Secretary-General is midway through a social media campaign #HowIFightCovid19.

The campaign calls on all Commonwealth citizens to share simple, home-grown and practical ways of fighting COVID-19.

Commonwealth heads of government, leading public figures and people of all ages from many other walks of life are among those being nominated and accepting the challenge to publicly share their stories.

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland said: “I am so thrilled to see all the innovative entries from across the Commonwealth, from the eight-year-old climate activist to 100-year-old Captain Tom who raised almost £30 million for the NHS.

"This goes to show you're never too young or too old to make a difference.”

Commonwealth tools and solutions

The Commonwealth Secretariat is offering a number of practical tools and solutions to help member governments through the crisis.

These include the Coronavirus Response Centre, a digital directory featuring useful information, advice and resources on responding to coronavirus. There is also a Coronavirus Trajectory Tracker which identifies risks, gaps, and key areas where the Commonwealth can add value in supporting the fight against COVID-19.