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Indian law students visit Commonwealth headquarters

12 February 2018

A group of seven young law students from India, who are members of the Commonwealth Youth Human Rights and Democracy (CYHRD) Network, visited Marlborough House this week to learn more about the Commonwealth and their important role in it. 

The Indian law students and graduates’ academic expedition was facilitated by the CYHRD Network and designed to give them an overview of Legal Education & Practice in U.K. It further aimed to encourage young lawyers to voice their opinions by participating in international dialogues at organizations like Commonwealth and the UK Parliament. 

During their visit to the Commonwealth Secretariat, they had discussions with the Youth, Rule of Law, Human Rights and Political Divisions around issues of participation of young people at the National-level, and in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Manuj Bhardwaj, the Indian Representative of the Commonwealth Youth Human Rights and Democracy Network and delegation leader said that the session with the Commonwealth Secretariat was very informative and that “following this session, we gained great understanding into the various developmental issues that need to be addressed, and we are really enthusiastic to participate in the activities of The Commonwealth.” 

The Commonwealth Youth Human Rights and Democracy Network, established in 2016, works to bring young people together from across the Commonwealth with the shared objectivity of promotion of, protection of, and, recognition of human rights and democracy, at all levels. The legal community plays an important role in upholding the Rule of Law, Democracy and Human Rights. 

Sushil Ram, Programme Manager, Youth Section, SPD said “India contributes the largest number of youth population to the Commonwealth, over 705 million young people. It’s a privilege to give these students and young graduates the opportunity to learn more about the Commonwealth as an inter-governmental organisation, and the vital role that it plays.”

The Network’s vision is to empower, protect and promote human rights and democracy across the Commonwealth and does this through the creation of collaborative spaces for young people to achieve collective human rights and democracy goals through capacity development, the dissemination of knowledge and, by supporting young people to engage in human rights and democracy at all levels.

Manuj Bhardwaj elaborated: “One of the main takeaways from this seminar was that The Commonwealth is the group that can be a champion for a lot of countries to grow in more sustainable ways and a platform to solve complex challenges.”