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Golden mace “a symbol of The Queen’s legacy”, says Secretary-General

29 May 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland paid homage to Her Majesty The Queen’s “legacy of peace” yesterday in a special edition of the popular British television programme, Antiques Roadshow.

The Secretary-General showcased an 18 carat gold Commonwealth mace, which was presented to The Queen by Commonwealth leaders in 1992 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of her accession to the throne.

Described by antiques expert, Geoffrey Munn, as a “most marvellous tribute to her majesty’s reign and a lovely thing to see”, the 5000g mace is decorated with rubies and enamel and displays the flag of each Commonwealth member country. It is showcased on Commonwealth Day and during Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings.

 “This [mace] was the symbol, given to Her Majesty, to honour her for the great contribution that she has made to the Commonwealth,” said the Secretary-General. “I think the Queen’s legacy is the most amazing legacy of peace. At no moment in all those years, from the time she made the commitment at 21, has she ever hesitated in her love and commitment for all of the peoples of the Commonwealth with their multicultural, multilingual, multi-ethnic, multi-religious backgrounds. She has really been a symbol of unity for the Commonwealth and that must be a very rare thing for so many years. I can’t think of anyone else who has given so much and has given such wisdom, guidance, friendship, and, many people would say, love.” 

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