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Image of students at Ocean of Light School Tongatapu, Tonga

Get creative for Commonwealth Day

26 February 2014
Design your own poster using pencils, pens, paint or pixels

With Commonwealth Day (10 March 2014) less than a week away, schoolchildren and young people around the globe are being challenged to get creative to mark the annual event.

Taking place on the second Monday in March each year, Commonwealth Day is an opportunity to promote understanding on global issues, international co-operation and Commonwealth values.

To celebrate this year’s theme – ‘#TeamCommonwealth’ – students are encouraged to create their own poster design using pencils, pens, paint or pixels. Designs will be published on the Commonwealth website.

The design should focus on the idea of teamwork or friendship. Share your creation with us via [email protected], by post or via Facebook or Twitter. Designs should be received by 1 May.

Read more about Commonwealth Day and the theme for 2014.

More ways to get involved:

Community leaders and teachers

  • Hold an event during Commonwealth Week themed around the idea of ‘teamwork’ or in celebration of Commonwealth diversity and values.
  • Organise a lesson plan on core values such as democracy, human rights, peace, tolerance and respect, freedom of expression, good governance and sustainable development.
  • Test how much your community group or class knows about the modern Commonwealth with this Quiz.
  • Help students learn the capitals of Commonwealth countries using this map.
  • Help students to identify national flags using this poster.
  • Download and display the official 2014 Commonwealth Day Poster.

On social networks

  • Tell us what you are doing for Commonwealth Day on our Facebook page.
  • Share photos of your event with us via email or social media.
  • Join in the conversation using the hashtag #TeamCommonwealth.
  • Add a Twibbon to your Twitter profile.
  • Film yourself completing the sentence “A team is…” using a camera phone and then share it with us on Youtube, Vine or Instagram (hashtag #TeamCommonwealth).

Resources to download for free

Free hard copies to order (postal delivery)

  • Commonwealth Day Poster
  • Commonwealth Map and Flags Poster
  • Sheet of 24 #TeamCommonwealth stickers

Email us at [email protected]