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The library and archives are located in Marlborough House, London

Marlborough House

Library and archives

The library and archives hold collections relating to the administrative and programme work of the Commonwealth and its 52 member countries dating back to 1965.

Their aim is to provide information resources and archival holdings to staff, member governments, academics, students and other members of the general public.

Library collections

Library stock is organised around programme work and research carried out in Commonwealth countries in the regions of Africa, The Americas, Asia, Caribbean and the Pacific in the topic areas of:

  • democracy;
  • governance;
  • social, economic and sustainable development;
  • youth; and
  • development of small and vulnerable states.

The print collection includes books, periodicals, conference reports, discussion and working papers, government publications and official Commonwealth publications.

All items in the library are for reference only for members of the public. You can search for material held in the Library and Archives using our online public access catalogue.


The archives are held as physical document collections within the library. The content of the archives are summarised in the documents below: