The Commonwealth works with national authorities to uphold transparency and accountability in public services. We pay particular attention to strengthening anti-corruption agencies, public administration and financial management systems in small and less developed countries.

Learn about Governance Performance Management Systems

Originally published on the IBM Center for The Business of Government

The IBM Center's Senior Fellow in Governance Dr. Praja Trivedi (pictured in the middle with Center Senior Fellow John Kamensky [left] and Center Executive Director Dan Chenok [right]), Commonwealth Secretary General's Special Envoy for Sustainable Development Goal Implementation, has produced a series of videos to discuss government performance management. The series is a step-by-step practical approach for use by countries around the world and is based on best practices in the field.  

The main questions the series answers are: 

  • What is the main problem we are trying to solve when it comes to government performance management?
  • What are the leading solutions?
  • What are best practices, and effective methodologies?
  • What is a practical way of implementing these ideas?

Listen to Praja's interview with Business of Government Hour host Michael Keegan and read his book, "Performance Management in Government."

Session 1 - A Toolkit for Practitioners

Session 2 - The Solutions

Session 3 - What Gets Measured Gets Done

Session 4 - How to Measure Performance

Session 5 - In Search of Accountability

Session 6 - A Case Study on Bhutan

Session 7 - How to Rate a Government Performance Management System

Session 8 - A Case of the United States

Session 9 - Strategic Management and Accountability for Results Toolkit (SMART)

Session 10 - Case Study of Government Performance Management System in India The Results Framework Document

Session 11 - Performance Management of Public Enterprises – Case Study of India’s Memoranda of Understanding

Session 12 - Case Study of Kenya’s Performance Contracts

Session 13 - Case Study of Bangladesh System of Annual Performance Agreements