The Commonwealth Faith Festival, one of the Faith in the Commonwealth initiatives, was launched recently with the aim of harnessing the power of youth and youth-related organisations to address community and societal issues.

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Inclusive and impactful peace-building

The Faith in the Commonwealth programme aims to promote peace, with youth and youth-related organisations as the leaders. Particularly as this year is being celebrated as the Year of the Youth, a special effort will be made to upskill, empower and learn from the Commonwealth’s 1.5 billion young people. 

The Faith in the Commonwealth movement embraces all people, cultures, religions and approaches. It is rooted in the faith of the citizens of the Commonwealth in the values of justice, humanity, compassion and understanding.

Faith in Commonwealth aims to strengthen our common commitment to inclusive and sustainable peace, human rights, rule of law, good governance, and democracy as enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter. 

From this initiative, an empowered generation of youth peace ambassadors will be able to forge pathways towards harmony and cooperation. 

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