Workshops on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, in Cameroon

Event date: 28 February 2022, 9:00 - 09 March 2022, 9:00 BST

The workshops have been organised by the Commonwealth Countering Violent Extremism Unit which supports Commonwealth countries in preventing citizens becoming radicalised or joining violent extremist groups.

The Commonwealth CVE Unit provides policy advice, training and development opportunities for the Government of Cameroon and civil society practitioners working to prevent and counter violent extremism.

Topics to be discussed across the four workshops include:

  • Monday 28 February 2022: Commemoration of 2022 Commonwealth Day in Cameroon.
  • Monday 28 February 2022 – Wednesday 2 March 2022:  Workshop on the Role of Government in Managing a Whole-of-Society Approach to Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE).
  • Thursday 3 March 2022 – Saturday 5 March 2022: Commonwealth Technical Assistance Workshop on Gender and Violent Extremism in Cameroon
  • Monday 7 March 2022 – Wednesday 9 March 2022: Capacity Building workshop on the Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education (PVE-E) in Cameroon.

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