SEforALL Forum: Clean Energy Financing Opportunities in SIDS

Event date: 19 May 2022, 0:00 - 0:00 BST
Floating wind farm

Venue: AD10, Kigali Conference Centre, Kigali, Rwanda
Date: 11h30 – 12h15 Local Time (GMT+2), Thursday, 19 May 2022

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) currently lack sufficient funding to achieve the commitments they made in 2019: 100% renewable energy targets by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. But financing opportunities do exist.

This event will showcase the opportunities for a clean power transition in a selection of SIDS, with potential to scale and replicate. It is co-organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat and Sustainable Energy For All (SEforALL) as part of the Sustainable Energy For All Forum, held in Kigali, Rwanda from 17 to 19 May.


Representatives from Commonwealth SIDS, including Barbados and Seychelles, will present their respective visions and business cases for clean energy in their countries. Fiji will also make a contribution.

The session presents an opportunity to share information about the SIDS Clean Energy Toolkit, developed under a joint project by the Commonwealth Secretariat and Sustainable Energy For All (SEforAll), in support of the Commonwealth Sustainable Energy Transition Agenda. The toolkit helps countries translate clean energy transition plans into investable business opportunities.

The session will be preceded by a breakfast meeting with representatives from the community of investors and government participants.


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