Celebrating Youth Work Week 2023 

Event date: 06 November 2023, 9:00 - 11 November 2023, 0:00
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Across the Commonwealth, a powerful workforce of millions turns up daily to hospitals, prisons, youth centres, parks, schools, campsites, homes and almost any location you can bring to mind. They are our youth workers who are entrusted with the crucially important mission of supporting, protecting, and mentoring our young people.  

The Commonwealth is supporting Youth Work Week 2023 when a global spotlight will illuminate the contributions of our youth workers wherever they are. Often, there is little recognition and reward for their passion, commitment, and excellence, and they struggle to access training and career advancement.  

From 6 to 11 November 2023, the Secretariat is inviting the Commonwealth countries to pause to celebrate their achievements. 

Under the theme "Youth work in every place and space", our Youth Work Week will recognise the huge responsibility youth workers take on and the sacrifices they make. 

It will build on the outcomes of the mega-conference hosted by the UK's National Youth Agency (NYA) in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat earlier this year. The three-day event highlighted the power of youth work to make transformative changes by harnessing social, cultural, academic, legislative, and political interventions to help young people thrive.  

Youth Work Week will be an opportunity to continue exploring strategies to improve support mechanisms for professionals and boost the impact of their work. It will: 

  • Raise awareness of youth work, its principles, values and ethos - particularly concerning youth workers' role during the global pandemic;
  • Build partnerships with youth workers' associations and others in the sector; 
  • Develop platforms for networking and promoting the ambition for youth work; and 
  • Advocate for enhanced commitments and investments to empower and engage youth workers. 

Key activities during November include:  

  • Monday 6th
    We start the week celebration with a big launch, and announcement of the capacity grant winners.
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  • Tuesday 7th
    Launch of Caribbean Youth Work Alliance.
    An initiative aimed at advancing youth development practices and policies in the region, focusing on building the capacity of those who work with young people.
  • Wednesday 8th
    Regional Dialogue Series - ‘Building a strong workforce for the Youth Sector: Current and future of Youth Work' 
    Board members facilitate regional conversation among member Associations at their respective regional levels to promote and enhance regional collectivism.
  • Thursday 9th
    Country activity with member associations.
  • Friday 10th
    Youth Work Week Bonding Event. A bonding event to enrich the working relationship among youth workers.
  • Sat, 11th – Sun, 12th
    Country activity with member associations.

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