Statement on leaked Board letter concerning a draft report

23 June 2022
Press release
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Following media coverage of a report into the Commonwealth Secretariat's finances, a Commonwealth Secretariat spokesperson wanted to clarify some issues of misreporting.

A Commonwealth Spokesperson said:

“The report in question is a draft report which was commissioned to review our long-term funding and look at a range of options and mechanisms to ensure the long-term sustainable funding of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

“The draft report is not an audit or investigation into the current finances of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

“It is disappointing that it has been reported in an inaccurate way.

“The Commonwealth Secretariat received the draft final report late and had strong technical and factual concerns with the report which we have raised with Ernst and Young.

“Ernst and Young are currently engaging constructively with the Commonwealth Secretariat on this, as we work to ensure that the draft report fulfils the terms of our contract.

“The Secretariat would be failing in its duty if it did not draw attention to the factual errors contained in the report. Once the draft report has been finalised, it will be presented to the Board.

“It is extremely frustrating that the Board Chair's letter has leaked to the media and mischaracterised in this way.”



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