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Maldives is a low-lying island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. Its closest neighbours are India, about 600 kilometres north-north-east, and Sri Lanka, about 645 kilometres north-east. It is made up of around 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks. Around 200 of these are inhabited. Barrier reefs protect the islands. 

Key facts

  • Region: Asia
  • Population: 516,000 (2018) 
  • Area: 300 square kilometres 
  • Capital: Male 
  • Joined Commonwealth: 1982; withdrew 13 October 2016, rejoined 1 February 2020 
  • Commonwealth Youth Index: 14 out of 49 countries 

Secretariat support for Maldives

The Secretariat is currently working with the Maldives to finalise projects, assistance and initiatives that will benefit the country. 

Blue Charter

The Maldives is a member of the Commonwealth Clean Ocean Alliance – the Blue Charter Action Group on tackling marine plastic pollution.

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