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Commonwealth countries at the forefront of deep-sea mining policy

14 February 2018

Experts in international environmental ocean law met at the Commonwealth headquarters last week to discuss environmental damages liability in relation to seabed mining and mineral exploitation.

Oil set to help Guyana boost economy and benefit its citizens

25 January 2018

The government of Guyana is set to implement new laws which will enable it to bolster its economy, tackle poverty and meet crucial sustainable development targets.

Turning the tide on ocean health in the Commonwealth

17 January 2018

Experts from the Commonwealth will this week provide a preview of an ambitious new initiative to support member countries rebuild and sustainably manage their marine resources.

Commonwealth Blue Charter to be put on world trade stage

8 December 2017

The Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) will join forces at the Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Commonwealth leaders to consider practical action on climate change

29 November 2017

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has said that climate change requires a complete regenerative revolution in the way we interact with our environment. 

Proposed Blue Charter top of the agenda

29 November 2017

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland spoke of the importance of the Commonwealth’s proposed Blue Charter when she met with UN Special Envoy on Oceans Peter Thomson at Marlborough House.

Legalities of seabed mining explored by new working group

19 October 2017

An expert group of international lawyers specialising in oceans law met at Marlborough House to discuss key legal issues relating to seabed mining in international waters, a frontier industry attracting interest as a result of the increase in global demand for metals.

The Blue Economy comes home to the Pacific

29 August 2017

A blog by Jeff Ardron, Adviser on Ocean Governance at the Commonwealth.

Deep sea mining: regulating an emerging industry

25 July 2017

Deep beneath the ocean, the seabed holds rich deposits of minerals: gold, silver, cobalt, copper, nickel, zinc, as well as lesser known chemical elements like tellurium - used to make solar panels.

A new accord to conserve and sustainably use the seas

20 June 2017

The United Nations Ocean Conference underlined the need for an integrated approach to the blue economy, one which supports jobs and livelihoods while conserving the environment.