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Commonwealth teams up with 'NO MORE’ initiative to reduce violence against women and girls Commonwealth Secretary General announcing Commonwealth Says NO MORE

25 November 2019

The Commonwealth has announced a new partnership designed to reduce domestic violence in member countries. Today, Secretary-General Patricia Scotland signed a memorandum of understanding with the NO MORE Foundation which is a global movement of 1,400 allied organisations and 40 international chapters working together to stop and prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

Papua New Guinea: Commonwealth observes referendum on Bougainville’s political future Polling station in Papua New Guinea

23 November 2019

Voting has begun in a referendum on the independence of Bougainville from Papua New Guinea, with a team from the Commonwealth deployed to observe the process.

Partnership is crucial in the quest for peace, says Secretary-General Commonwealth Secretary-general Patricia Scotland at 2019 RISING Global Peace Forum

19 November 2019

The Secretary-General spoke of partnership being in the Commonwealth’s DNA as she delivered a message on multilateralism and peace dialogue at a major thought-leaders’ event.

Blog: How a robust international arbitration framework can boost global trade and economic growth gavel and block

7 November 2019

A robust framework for resolving cross-border commercial disputes can help unlock valuable trade and investment opportunities for Commonwealth countries.

Blog: Access to justice for all is not yet a reality – but there are ways forward Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland speaking at the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting in Sri Lanka

6 November 2019

Access to justice for everyone in all communities is an important right and requirement for building fair and peaceful societies – yet this objective has been achieved in few if any nations, and the consequences are damaging for social, economic and political progress and stability.

Justice should not be confined to courtrooms, says Secretary-General Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland speaking at the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting in Sri Lanka

6 November 2019

People must have faith in the justice system for the rule of law to work, according to the Commonwealth Secretary-General. Patricia Scotland spoke at the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Commonwealth needs ‘transformational’ young people, says Secretary-General Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland speaking at the Commonwealth Youth Senior Officials Meeting in Ghana

1 November 2019

The Secretary-General has called for “transformational leadership” in youth development across Africa and the Commonwealth.

Secretary-General: fast-track action on ocean health ‘before it is too late’ Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland and Commonwealth Head of Oceans and Natural Resources, Nicholas Hardman-Mountford, at the Our Ocean Conference in Oslo, Norway

25 October 2019

The Commonwealth is working to establish a fund to help member countries take practical action on ocean sustainability. Ministers leading Commonwealth Blue Charter action groups met in Oslo with marine experts, investors and philanthropists to discuss the shape of the proposed fund. 

Blog: The world must not sleep-walk into another debt crisis Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland speaking at the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting

18 October 2019

Trade wars, protectionism, and nationalist rhetoric are combining to weave the possibility of a nightmare debt crisis that could be worse than any previously experienced. Global borrowing is now at the highest levels since the 1950s – and history suggests we should take this as a warning that a debt crisis could be looming.

Secretary-General vows to help The Bahamas on climate crisis during visit to hurricane hit islands Commonwealth Secretary-General with The Bahamas Foreign Affairs Minister in Abaco after Hurricane Dorian seeing the devastation

10 October 2019

The Secretary-General has expressed solidarity with the people of The Bahamas in a visit to the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama which were hit by Hurricane Dorian last month.