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Secretary-General and Mauritian Education Minister discuss 18CCEM plans.

19 January 2012

Mauritius takes the lead for English-speaking countries in an ambitious continent-wide project to digitise schools.

Commonwealth plans for HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee

18 January 2012

The Commonwealth will celebrate the Queen’s 60 years as Head of the Commonwealth through five programmes known collectively as the Commonwealth Jubilee Diamond

Access, quality and relevance - Mozambique’s education minister discusses his country’s priorities

16 January 2012

“This year’s Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers will be very important as the 2015 end date for education goals is just around the corner” - Zeferino Martins

Commonwealth boost for women’s export businesses

16 January 2012

Women entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean will participate at Europe’s largest buyers fair following sponsorship from the Commonwealth Secretariat

Commonwealth Secretary-General responds to recent developments in Pakistan

16 January 2012

“We welcome and encourage the commitment of Pakistan and indeed all 54 member governments to the values and principles which have made the Commonwealth unique and widely respected” - Kamalesh Sharma

Commonwealth meeting 'catalyst' for promoting rights of persons with disabilities

12 January 2012

“There has not been enough recognition of the immense contribution that persons with disabilities can make" - Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General

We persons with disabilities are not challenged, it's just a different lifestyle

12 January 2012

Girls with disabilities are almost 10 per cent less likely to finish primary school than their male classmates according to a World Health Survey. Abia Akram, a 28-year-old Pakistani woman living with a disability, spoke to Commonwealth News about her campaign to raise the concerns of women with disabilities. She is attending the Commonwealth Secretariat Expert Roundtable on Inclusive Education and Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities in the Commonwealth to give her views as a youth representative.

Commonwealth partners examine inclusive education and sustainable employment for persons with disabilities

10 January 2012

Participants from 14 Commonwealth countries explore best practices for implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Deputy Secretary-General addresses Education World Forum

10 January 2012

Ransford Smith: The importance of global and local partnerships in bridging development gaps in education

Promoting inclusive education and sustainable employment for persons with disabilities

9 January 2012

Commonwealth meeting to consider policies and best practices to facilitate progress towards empowerment