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Blog: Samoa’s response to violence against women and girls can guide other countries Samoa

10 December 2020

Violence against women and girls is pervasive. The Pacific is not immune, with prevalence rates of violence against women and girls in most of the region’s countries much higher than the global average of 35 per cent.

Commonwealth observers urge ‘patience’ as Ghana awaits final results Commonwealth Observer Group Chair giving statement in Ghana

9 December 2020

The Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) which has been on location in Ghana observing the recent elections has today issued an interim statement calling for peace as they await full results.

Panel calls for an end to cyber-bullying Cyber bullying webinar

9 December 2020

The Commonwealth Secretary-General led a panel of government, civil society and tech industry representatives in condemning the “silent pandemic” of online abuse directed at women.

Blog: How young people are leading the march towards peace and security Cameroonian named as Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2016

9 December 2020

From Fiango Kumba in the South West region of Cameroon to Mumius Kakamega county in Western Kenya, two different but interwoven stories emerge of young people committed to ensuring peace in their communities and beyond.

De-mystifying the effects of COVID-19 on remittances money coins

8 December 2020

Annual transfers of money by foreign migrant workers to their home countries play a huge role in many countries. These remittances provide income support for family members back home and, in some cases, provide funding for start-ups. Remittances are also a source of foreign exchange reserves for developing countries and they help contain trade balances and widen the revenue base through increased consumption

Blog: How sport can fight gender-based violence Sport for development and peace

8 December 2020

The Commonwealth advocates sport as a vehicle for development and peacebuilding. Given its popularity and unequivocal prominence in the rich tapestry of the Commonwealth’s heritage, sport has huge potential to drive social change – and accelerate gender equality – across member states.

Blog: Engaging men and boys to end gender-based violence Trinidad

7 December 2020

Gender-based violence is prevalent throughout the Commonwealth. It impacts the social, economic and psychological wellbeing of individuals and communities. Violence against women and girls in particular is usually underreported.

COVID-19 precautions taken as polls open in Ghana’s general election Ghana elections

7 December 2020

Amid stringent health precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, voters formed orderly queues at polling stations in Ghana, as the general election got under way.

Blog: Employers creating safe spaces to prevent harassment at work workplace harassment

6 December 2020

Workplace harassment is an epidemic that blights the lives of women and girls around the world in formal and informal ‘workplace’ spheres. It is used to discriminate against or violate the human rights of over half of the world’s population.

Commonwealth observers start work as Ghana goes to the polls Commonwealth Observer Group in Ghana

5 December 2020

Ghanaians will vote in the presidential and parliamentary election due to be held on 7 December.