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Departure Statement: Commonwealth Secretary-General visit to Republic of Nauru Image of Nauru flag

31 October 2012

Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma Departure Statement following visit to the Republic of Nauru 29 - 31 October 2012

Commonwealth Investment Guide to be required reading at Caribbean University

30 October 2012

“Landmark publication” gives insight to developing country investment negotiators

Commonwealth Secretary-General visits Nauru

29 October 2012

Kamalesh Sharma will be received by President Sprent Dabwido

Small states can develop niches in public administration, says Gibraltar at Commonwealth Public Service Ministers Forum

28 October 2012

Consolidation and specialisation can address inherent challenges

Commonwealth urged to consider public service ministerial meeting

26 October 2012

Strengthening dialogue and sharing experiences can spur action on development

4th Commonwealth Public Service Ministers Forum: Statement

26 October 2012

The Role of Public Administration in Economic Growth and Job Creation

New anti-corruption model law will help to strengthen good governance - law officers

25 October 2012

The Commonwealth draft model covers code of conduct, guidelines on conflict of interest and declarations of interest, and mechanisms to investigate breaches

Shared values between the government and the governed builds trust, stability and progress

24 October 2012

Effective public administration vital for socio-economic development – Commonwealth Secretary-General at the Commonwealth Public Service Ministers Forum