Consultations to shape new export strategy for Malawi Delegate speaking at workshop in Malawi

9 October 2019

Consultations opened today in Lilongwe, Malawi on the design of a new strategy to boost the country’s exports in regional and international markets.

Commonwealth action group on mangroves meets in Sri Lanka Mangroves

9 October 2019

Commonwealth countries are meeting this week in Negombo, Sri Lanka to decide on a work plan to help save the world’s mangroves. The plan includes joint actions, projects and funding strategies for the short and medium term. The activity is part of the work carried out under the Commonwealth Blue Charter – an agreement by all 53 Commonwealth countries to actively co-operate to solve ocean-related challenges.

Commonwealth helps Jamaica secure $500,000 climate grant Blue Mountains, Jamaica

8 October 2019

The Commonwealth has helped Jamaica secure a grant to assist it towards establishing the first ever Caribbean green bond. The grant, valued at over $500,000, will pay for a ‘readiness initiative’ involving an analysis of the development and operation of a green bond market and the creation of regional green bond guidelines in accordance with international standards.

Blog: Helping to level the playing field for regulators - Introducing the Commonwealth Fintech Policy Toolkit Computer chip resembling a digital landscape

7 October 2019

The blistering pace of innovation in financial services has seen the emergence, in the past two decades, of an array of new technologies deployed into the market – and new companies using those technologies – in more than a hundred countries around the globe.

Sport reforms in Mauritius attract Commonwealth experts People playing volleyball near sea

7 October 2019

Commonwealth sport policy experts will meet in Mauritius today to draw inspiration from the pioneering sport reforms the country has undertaken with the Secretariat’s support.

Commonwealth team to observe Mozambique elections Voters in Mozambique holding up finger

7 October 2019

The Commonwealth will send a team to observe elections in Mozambique, which will take place on 15 October.

Secretary-General welcomes release of Cameroon detainees Cameroon flag

6 October 2019

The Commonwealth Secretary-General has welcomed the release of Maurice Kamto, leader of the Mouvement pour la Rennaissance du Cameroun (MRC), and 102 members of the party on 4 October 2019.

Game on! Commonwealth steps up battle on climate change with regenerative solutions model Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland launching common earth at marlborough House

4 October 2019

The Commonwealth has launched a regenerative climate change model that marries the ancient wisdom of indigenous groups with emerging innovations, technologies and scientific approaches. Common Earth, is the programme that will create a network of projects that could be replicated and adapted to any community, country or region.

Commonwealth trade ministers to convene in London amid global uncertainties Trade ministers sitting around table

4 October 2019

Trade ministers and senior officials from 53 Commonwealth countries will gather in London to explore strategies for deepening trade and investment, while supporting a transparent, inclusive, fair, and open rules-based global trading system.

Blog: Blockchain – A promising technology for debt transparency Fintech on a tablet screen

30 September 2019

A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, linked together by unbreakable cryptography. Among its many applications, this technology is used to underpin financial products and services including digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.