Statement by the Commonwealth Secretary-General on Fiji elections

18 September 2014

"The election in Fiji has been a welcome turning point. The Charter of the Commonwealth recognises the inalienable right of all Commonwealth citizens to participate in democratic processes, in particular through free and fair elections in shaping the societies in which they live.

The people of Fiji are to be congratulated for participating in large numbers in a democratic process to express their views clearly on their choice of leaders and representatives.

"The authorities of Fiji are also to be commended for their organisation and administration of the election. We acknowledge with appreciation the many Commonwealth countries and individuals who provided support and participated in the preparation for these 2014 national elections.

"The announcement of the official results is awaited, but we are encouraged by the preliminary statement issued by the Multi-national Observer Group.

“This election was a critical step in Fiji's return to full democratic and civilian constitutional rule. We urge all concerned to continue working together in consolidating and strengthening the gains achieved by this landmark election."