Commonwealth Day 2018: Towards a Common Future

11 March 2018

From Samoa to Canada, fifty-three countries unite under one flag today to commemorate Commonwealth Day under the 2018 theme of ‘Towards a Common Future’.

From Samoa to Canada, 53 countries unite under one flag today to commemorate Commonwealth Day under the 2018 theme of ‘Towards a Common Future’. A variety of activities, events and seminars are being organised globally including the Commonwealth Day Service on Monday 12 March at Westminster Abbey in London.

Commonwealth Day is observed on the second Monday of March every year. It encourages individuals, communities and organisations to take pride in the Commonwealth identity and promote the shared values and principles of peace, democracy and equality.

The day brings together the Commonwealth’s 53 member countries to promote understanding on global issues, work towards mutual co-operation and celebrate the diversity, resilient unity and enriching values that define the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland stated in her message to mark the annual event, “With our fellow citizens, we live, learn, work and play in countries set in every continent and ocean – all 2.4 billion of us, representing a glorious spectrum of diversity and talent. It is by living and working for the good of one another, towards a common future, that we build our Commonwealth.”

Each year a theme is chosen for Commonwealth Day. The theme acts as a guide for planning our activities and other Commonwealth organisations throughout the year. Find out more about the Commonwealth theme.