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Blog: Justice system should not fail in protecting victims of gender-based violence Ugandan women and child

4 December 2020

The first instinct of women planning to escape violence is to reach the police and justice system for protection. As they take the brave step to report, often they are met with a failing system.

Secretary-General urges action to remove barriers hindering people with disabilities Secretary-General Patricia Scotland

3 December 2020

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has pledged concerted and continuous action to protect the rights and needs of people with disabilities. 

Blog: ‘Time’s up’ – Countries should reform laws that discriminate against women Gambia mother and child

3 December 2020

If you are a woman and want to work or operate on an equal footing with men, it is almost certain the laws in your country will hinder your right to do so.

Blog: New Zealand is first in Commonwealth to grant paid domestic violence leave - other countries should follow suit domestic abuse bill

2 December 2020

Despite the regulation of international laws and national efforts to prevent and deal with family violence, women in New Zealand remain at risk in their homes. This changed in April 2019 when the New Zealand parliament became the first in the Commonwealth to pass national legislation granting victims of domestic violence 10 days of paid leave.

World AIDS Day: Eliminating triple threat of HIV, gender-based violence and cervical cancer Zambia women

1 December 2020

Today, people across the globe will pause to focus on one of the most persistent and vicious epidemics in our history: AIDS. Three letters that have caused unprecedented suffering and loss across generations and around our world.  

Commonwealth Action Series on protecting planet amid stalled climate change momentum Maldives

2 December 2020

Youth activists as young as nine will join a momentous session on protecting the planet at a time when global climate talks are put on ice.

Commonwealth to observe Ghanaian General elections Election observers at Ghana 2012 elections

30 November 2020

The Commonwealth is deploying a team to observe the general election in Ghana scheduled for 7 December.

Blog: Ending violence against women and girls can add trillions to economy Seychelles market woman worker

30 November 2020

Beyond the immediate human impact, violence against women and girls also costs billions of dollars a year, be it in lost work, damaged children, hospital fees or police time. The global cost of violence against women and girls was estimated at $1.5 trillion in 2016 – making everyone across the world at least $200 poorer that year.

Blog: COVID puts women in tourism-dependent economies at more risk of violence, but it can stop Barbados street

29 November 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, it was clear that the pandemic was not only a health crisis but also an economic threat. Little did we know that the impact of COVID-19 containment measures and economic pressures would be felt across communities with violence in the homes, particularly against women, rising at an alarming rate.

Blog: We need ‘one-stop’ crisis centres to rescue women trapped in cycles of abuse nurse in medical centre in Tonga

28 November 2020

Today, many women and girls are trapped in cycles of abuse, struggling to find an escape route. This is a tragedy, not just for them personally, but for the whole of society.