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Statement on Maldives by Spokesperson

30 May 2012

We have noted the comments attributed in the media on 30 May 2012 to the Press Secretary of the President of Maldives regarding the nominee of former President Nasheed to the Commission of National Inquiry.

We would like to point out that the discussions between the Commonwealth Special Envoy, Rt Hon Sir Donald McKinnon, the Government of Maldives and former President Nasheed on the appointment of a representative of Mr Nasheed to the Commission are still ongoing. No nominee has as yet been agreed upon between these parties.

Sir Donald is continuing his efforts to facilitate agreement between the Government and former President Nasheed on a suitable nominee.

Commenting on the various media reports on the subject, Sir Donald said “It is imperative that confidentiality is preserved while these sensitive discussions are ongoing in order to provide space for the parties to reach a desirable outcome.”